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Geescakes, is Richmond's favorite miniature artisan cheesecake company with over thirty delectable and tastefully designed cheesecake flavors.  Opened in March 2017, our locally owned and operated business prides itself in creating artisan desserts, distinctively designed and packed with flavor. 

Gee's mother taught her and her siblings to always seek the work they love and would do for free.  Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.  For a long time, Gee had no idea what that work would be. Baking and cooking was something she shied away from most of her life, and with good reason. Growing up with 9 brothers and sisters, they took turns making the meals. Needless to say, Gee's cooking did not win any prizes at the dinner table.  But because she truly enjoys entertaining and having friends and family over for good conversation; entertaining and dinner parties led her back to cooking and baking.  On December 7, 2016, Gee held a Christmas party in her home, and on the menu were miniature cheesecakes - her first time ever making them.  Her guests loved them!  The following week, Gee's daughter's best friend asked her to bring some of the cakes to her family Christmas dinner.  Of course Gee said yes and again the cakes were a hit. Geescakes was born and the flavor development process began.  Geescakes currently has thirty plus flavors and growing!

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